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Lee Oskar

 Lee Oskar Harmonicas will celebrate its 35th anniversary at Summer NAMM, according to KMC Music. The festivities will include a birthday cake, champagne reception and a special performance by Lee... 

Blows Me Away Productions

New For 2017 

The Rackit & Bullet Proofer

  •  The Rackit is a hands-free harmonica mic with huge tone!
  • The Bullet Proofer is the only clamp-on mic holder that really protects your mic!

Cook Custom Guitars

 Cook Custom GuitarsTM brings you unique, custom, great sounding guitars to grace earthbound amps and recording studios.

 Cook Custom Guitars has been building, modifying and repairing guitars since 2012. 

Lee Oskar

 Globally renowned harmonica virtuoso and manufacturer Lee Oskar announces a major expansion of the headquarters team and marketing operations for Lee Oskar Harmonicas, which he founded in 1983 in collaboration... 

Blows Me Away Productions

New For 2018

Custom Wood Microphones

 Why play through a metal microphone? Experience the warmth of wood! My rare wood mics have a slightly smaller diameter than a JT30, with none of those uncomfortable bumps and ridges on the grill.  A JT30 weighs between 8 and 10 ounces depending on configuration. A Shure 520D weighs a whopping 13 ounces! My wood mics weigh as little as 4.5 ouncesincluding element and connector. 

Cook Custom Builds


We will build a custom guitar for you, with top of the line parts and a look & sound that is uniquely your own!

Cook Custom Guitars

1623 North Spencer Ave,

Indianapolis, IN 46218

(317) 993-0962